Paul and Heather -- Too Close for Comfort

8/17/2006 7:51 PM PDT

Paul and Heather -- Too Close for Comfort

Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills avoided having a close encounter in London on Tuesday. The duo's near-miss would have been an uncomfortable situation, at the very least, especially considering the fact that Mills recently discovered quite publicly that Sir Paul had changed the locks at his London home.

The estranged couple, who are in the midst of a bitter divorce,
wound up at Heathrow Airport at the same time to catch separate flights to the U.S. that were departing only a half-hour apart.

The former Beatle arrived at New York's JFK airport flanked by two heavily-armed security guards and two giant bodyguards.

Mills, on the other hand, found her way to Los Angeles, where she is rumored to be meeting with lawyers to file for a more profitable divorce settlement here in the US.

The former model was later spotted emerging from her estranged husband's LA home, before heading to Beverly Hills for a day of pampering, shopping and dining with friends.