Pret-á-Posh Beckham

8/24/2006 6:02 PM PDT

Pret-á-Posh Beckham

Former Spice Girl and Current Mrs. Hottest Soccer Player in the World, Victoria Beckham, has been developing a TV fashion show with her manager Simon Fuller.

The BBC reports that Fuller, one of the masterminds responsible for the hit shows "Pop Idol" and "American Idol," says, "It will be more serious than a reality show but will still be entertaining because Victoria is so funny." We knew Victoria had been modeling and creating a fashion line, but who knew Mrs. Beckham had a funny bone.

Beckham isn't the only former Spice Girl who is getting the Simon Fuller TV treatment. The super-manager is also planning a sitcom for Emma Bunton, aka Baby Spice.

TMZ is eagerly awaiting a very special Beckham Fashion where Victoria and David do each others hair. That's true love.