Moss' Midas Touch

9/13/2006 1:35 PM PDT

Moss' Midas Touch

Lately supermodel Kate Moss can do no wrong. Since emerging clean and sober from rehab last year, the waif princess has racked up more advertising campaigns and, allegedly, more money than ever before.

While she's been a style icon for years, her latest purchase has set off a shopping frenzy in the most unlikeliest of places.

Last week Moss was photographed carrying a bag she picked up at Superdrug, a UK drugstore chain, and a trend was born.

While the purse retails for a mere $5, Moss fans snapped up the budget bag and it quickly sold out all across England. Tell that to your Birkin!

But fear not all you Moss wannabes, several bags are still available on eBay.

From couture to cheap chic, Kate's supermodel powers seem to have no bounds.