Lukas Not "Star" Boyfriend Material

9/14/2006 2:05 PM PDT

Lukas Not "Star" Boyfriend Material

On his first official night in Tommy Lee's band, Supernova, "Rock Star" winner Lukas Rossi may have already forgotten where he came from -- by leaving his girlfriend out in the cold as he partied with the band.

After the show's finale, Rossi pulled up to the after-party with Tommy Lee and the two walked right into the club. Rossi's girlfriend, Francesca, was not allowed in and waited around, clearly distressed, for her boyfriend to come to her rescue. He never did.

The jilted Francesca was even offered some help by show cast-off Dilana but not even the multi-color haired rocker could get her in.

Lukas did come out and talk to his girlfriend briefly but then went back inside the party solo. Before leaving, an agitated Francesca told photographers outside the club she wasn't allowed in because Rossi wasn't supposed to be seen with a girlfriend.