Pumping Gas Isn't Brain Surgery

9/22/2006 4:31 PM PDT

Pumping Gas Isn't Brain Surgery

Apparently Nicky Hilton has a lot more in common with Oprah than her big sis Paris.

On Thursday, Nicky, dressed in the latest in Beverly Hillbilly chic, took her Range Rover to a local Hollywood gas station to fuel up, but seemed to have a problem figuring out how the whole labyrinthine system works.

Although Hilton was able to successfully complete the task of lifting the nozzle, getting it in her tank proved to be a little too complicated for the former blonde. But if at first you don't succeed try, try, try, try, try, try, try again.

In the end, Nicky's hard work, drive and unwavering determination proved victorious and she was able to fill 'er up.

While Nicky may know a thing or two about shopping and partying, it's obvious she skipped the chapter on pumping gas in her heiress manual.

Good thing God invented full serve.