Lindsay Mumbles, World Listens

9/27/2006 1:32 PM PDT

Lindsay Mumbles, World Listens

Lindsay's recent breakup with Harry Morton seems to have a taken its toll on the party girl.

TMZ obtained paparazzi footage from Tuesday night where Lindsay was spotted at a 7-11 with her friend, hairstylist Andy LeCompte. While Andy was inside shopping, the paparazzi tried talking to Lindsay. What they got was a stream of almost unintelligible mumbling from what seems like a girl going through a heart break.

"Seriously this is a little much right now... please just leave me alone"

When Lindsay's pal does return and and they drive off, Lindsay flashes her patented peace sign to the paparazzi who exclaim, "You rock!"

Hopefully these Morton blues pass because we can't wait to get our old cursing Lindsay back.