Mariah Knows How to Work a Room

10/2/2006 1:20 PM PDT

Mariah Knows How to Work a Room

After rocking a sold out crowd in Las Vegas with her hit songs, Mariah Carey ventured to PURE Nightclub inside Caesars Palace. Carey and an entourage of 50 people bolted upstairs to the PURE terrace to take in the gorgeous weather outside and scenery of the Las Vegas Strip. Wearing a tight black dress, black boots and black sunglasses, Carey sipped on Dom Perignon while chatting with friends from her VIP cabana.

Later Mariah and her crew made their way downstairs to PURE's main room where a huge crowd awaited her entrance. As Carey made her way to the VIP stage, the crowd went crazy as flash bulbs lit up the room. With her own personal DJ Suss 1 on the turntables and a fresh glass of Dom Perignon, Carey got cozy on the VIP bed lounging as if she was in her living room. Around 1:45AM Carey closed the curtains to her VIP section leaving everyone wondering what she was up to. DJ Suss 1 began belting out Carey songs and at 2:10AM Carey emerged from behind the curtains for all of the club to see.

Later in the evening Carey and members of her party held court at another VIP table, once again sipping on a fresh glass of Dom Perignon. At 3:20AM Carey departed to get some rest before traveling to Oakland for the continuation of her tour.

Ah Mariah, the life of a diva.