"Prison Break" Star Boots Celebrity Host From Nightclub

10/4/2006 8:11 AM PDT

"Prison Break" Star Boots Celebrity Host From Nightclub

He quickly became famous for telling Tara Reid, Brandon Davis and Chyna Doll to hit the road, but last night the all-powerful doorman at Hyde got a taste of his own medicine -- courtesy of "Prison Break" star Lane Garrison.

On his way out of the club, Garrison stepped up to the podium and told the doorman, "You look good, the shoes are cool, we've known you for 14 years, we went to grammar school together, but you're not getting in the club because you haven't shaved," adding he should "go to the Chevron, get the $2.99 Colgate with the bad razor that's gonna cut you up, we might let you in there."

The doorman took it all in stride though, laughing even as the pesky "Prison Break"-er looked around and asked, "Can we throw him out?"

So if Lane gets denied from Hyde one of these days, now we'll know why.