Howard K. Stern Spotted in the Bahamas

10/17/2006 12:34 PM PDT

Howard K. Stern Spotted in the Bahamas

If the saga of Anna Nicole Smith has become a Shakespearean tragedy (and it has), then Howard K. Stern is one of the main characters. In this video it is impossible to know if he is brooding like Hamlet or plotting like Iago, but his mind is clearly elsewhere.

How do we know? Because even though he's been in the Bahamas for a month, he still walks toward the left side of the car before remembering that the steering wheel is on the right.

Perhaps he is thinking about the incredible charges leveled this week by Anna's mother, who told The Sun: "It was murder. The levels of drugs in his [Daniel's] body are way too high. Someone has to pay."

Incidentally, the music playing in the video is only there because it was playing on the paparazzi's car stereo.