Where Is Young Hollywood?

10/23/2006 1:40 PM PDT

Where Is Young Hollywood?

The TMZ team was all over the place this past weekend scoping out all the hotspots to bring you another, much older edition of Star Catcher.

Our weekend started of with a bang as we were on our way to check out Carrie Fisher's 50th birthday party when we ran into "That '70s Show" star Ashton Kutcher. The hunky actor, there without wife Demi Moore, headed to his car but not before he threw up a peace sign to fans and photog seekers.

Once at Carrie's birthday bash, we found a bevy of celebs. Matthew Perry, Robert Downey Jr., "Swingers" star Jon Favreau, veteran actor Kevin Nealon, "Star Wars" director George Lucas, and Sharon Stone who showed up sporting a red bindi on her forehead.

Also out over the weekend Backstreet Boy A.J. McLean, comedian David Spade, "Dancing With the Stars" party girl Cheryl Burke, pro skater Chad Muska, "Lost" star Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje and a rare appearance by "Goodfellas" gangster Ray Liotta.