Hottest Videos -- Week of 12/03

12/9/2006 2:01 PM PST

Hottest Videos -- Week of 12/03

Britney let the world look up her skirt again, but his time, she kept her privates private. At her 25th birthday party, Britney shook her barely covered butt in front of a glass window, showing everyone that she does own panties afterall.

The day after Eddie Murphy's rep denied that his client made comments on a Dutch show questioning the paternity of Scary Spice's unborn child, TMZ obtained the footage showing Eddie doing just that. Maybe the rep figured our phones couldn't call internationally.

"Dodgeball" star Rip Torn's arrest in North Salem, New York wasn't his first run-in with police. In January 2004, Torn was arrested in New York City after crashing into a taxi. Check out his videotaped rant.

K-Fed made a visit to soon-to-be-ex-wife Britney Spears in Malibu, on her birthday weekend. We're not sure if K-fed spent the night, but when asked about his tour, he responds, "Take it easy."

With her penchant for In-N-Out, despite working for Carl's, it's no surprise that Paris eats. It's her ability to multi-task while doing so that is surprising. If she could only convince the rest of the Hollywood waifpack to have a sandwhich.