'View' Charges Nicole Richie With DUI... PH?

12/12/2006 2:30 PM PST

"View" Charges Nicole Richie with DUI... PH?

The chatty cops of "The View" weighed in on the Nicole Richie arrest this morning, and they've decided that a simple DUI doesn't cover the infraction. As Joy Behar put it, Nicole really ought to be charged with DUIPH -- Driving Under the Influence ... of Paris Hilton.

Rosie said that the pin-thin Richie was about the same size as her 9-year-old, and Barbara lamented that Nicole felt compelled to downsize herself from the miniscule 100 pounds listed on her driver's license, to the skeletal 85 pounds that authorites listed as her weight on arrest.

Ever helpful, Rosie pointed out how much vodka it would take (a half a thimble) to get Richie "wrecked," while Joy suggested that Richie could learn from Danny DeVito's recent travails with intoxicating substances, since they're both so petite.