Miss USA -- I Was a Drunk, Coked Up Liar

2/1/2007 11:21 AM PST

Miss USA -- I Was a Drunk, Coked Up Liar

In her first television interview since leaving rehab, Conner sat with "Today's" Matt Lauer and admitted to abusing alcohol and cocaine, as well as other drugs, and suggested that an abusive childhood may have contributed to her woes.

Tara also characterized the pre-rehab Tara as "manipulative" and "dishonest" and said that she would regularly sneak out of her Trump Plaza apartment to party all over Manhattan. She said she'd never had a legal drink, as all her boozing went down before her 21st birthday in December, and she fessed up to doing cocaine, but denied knowing whether she had tested positive for the drug.

Conner, dressed in a demure beige suit, then fidgeted awkwardly when asked by Lauer about being abused as a youth. Out of "respect" for her family, she wouldn't address specific questions about what kind of abuse Lauer meant, but admitted that it had happened. She also flatly rejected any possibility she would pose for Playboy and said that she had been sober for more than 50 days.

Lauer and Conner will continue their talk on "Dateline," which will include footage of her doling out meals at a soup kitchen in lower Manhattan.