Busta Rhymes Rejects a Plea

5/8/2007 11:46 AM PDT

Busta Rhymes Rejects a Plea

Busta Rhymes just walked out of a Manhattan courtroom, having rejected a plea deal that would've landed him in the slammer for up to a year for two alleged assaults and a DUI.

Facing two assault charges from last year and a DUI from last week, the rapper's lawyer waved off the Manhattan D.A.'s offer of one year in jail for the assault charges, a drinking-and-driving program and $1500 in fines, according to Manhattan D.A. spokesman Edison Alban.

The rapper was pulled over last week by cops and arrested on suspicion of DUI. Last year, he was involved in two alleged dust-ups, one involving a man Rhymes says spat on or near his car.

Rhymes will be back in court -- yet again -- on July 10 to face the judge on the same charges.