"Dancing" Star: "Paris Deserves Every Minute"

5/8/2007 10:53 AM PDT

"Dancing" Star: "Paris Deserves Every Minute"

Joey Fatone feels bad for Paris Hilton ... Cheryl Burke, not so much.

TMZ spotted NSYNCer turned "Dancing" star Joey Fatone leaving Parc last night, where he fielded a paparazzo's question about Paris Hilton's jail sentence. While Joey offered his sympathy, one of his clubbing buddies unleashed an angry, screaming tirade against the heiress, yelling, "F**k her! What the f**k has she ever done? She got f**ked on camera!" Ironically, Joey, who couldn't hold back the giggles, looking just like Paris did during Brandon Davis' infamous "Firecrotch" rant against Lindsay Lohan.

Reigning "Dancing with the Stars" champ Cheryl Burke wasn't holding anything back last night when she was asked the same question -- telling the cameras, "She deserves every minute!"

Hilton probably won't be swinging by the "Dancing" set anytime soon.