LiLo -- Pole Patrol

5/28/2007 11:30 AM PDT

LiLo -- Pole Patrol

Lindsay Lohan sure knows how to work a pole... and not the telephone variety.

Little Miss LiLo probably isn't going to be working at Scores, but after taking a look at the video blog for her new flick, "I Know Who Killed Me," it's clear she has stripper chops if her career (and driving skills) keeps on its downward spiral.

A sexy -- and simultaneously very creepy -- video of Linds popped up on the movie's website, showing her getting naughty around a stripper pole in red four-inch heels, skimpy underwear and a hairdo.

The movie revolves around Lindsay's character suffering from split-personality disorder after a kidnapping. There's probably a lot of guys hoping this personailty is the star of the film!