Paris to Babwa: I've Got No Mirror, But I've Got Balls!

6/11/2007 11:42 AM PDT

Paris to Babwa: I've Got No Mirror, But I've Got Balls!

Paris Hilton had a couple spare minutes over the weekend, and so she just happened to collect-call ... Barbara Walters!

Walters recounted their little chat on "The View" this morning. Among the highlights: Paris says her "act" until now -- namely, playing a blonde heirhead -- is over, and that she's a totally different person after just a few days of jail. Indeed, proclaims Paris, "God has released" her spirit from its previous, uh, incarnation.

Apparently, Paris is also playing ping-pong, and maybe most shockingly of all, she tells Babwa that she hasn't looked in a mirror in days, and that her face is "very dry" for lack of moisturizer. She's served nine days, has fourteen left, and at this point, isn't sobbing, screaming or wailing in her cell, according to Walters.

Her new mission in life? According to Babwa, Paris wants to take on causes, like breast cancer or multiple sclerosis, and might open something called the Paris Hilton Playhouse so disabled children can play.