Ty Takes On Radio Taunter: I'm No "Jackass!"

7/10/2007 10:41 AM PDT

Ty Takes On Radio Taunter: I'm No "Jackass!"

DUI, shmee-U-I. Nothing's gonna stop Ty Pennington from getting his party on ... especially not a radio interview.

Sources tell TMZ that the "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" host showed much love for the fine watering holes of Billings, Montana a few weeks ago. The good news -- we also have confirmation that he wasn't driving. Ty's just over one month past a no contest plea for DUI. Pennington was in Big Sky country to shoot an episode of the ABC tearjerker. And while Ty made time for happy hour, a morning show DJ told his listeners that Ty had no time for local interviewers.

Big J (KRSQ 101.9) lured the spikey-haired handyman to the phone by putting him on blast, and pissing off Pennington so much, that he eventually called in to confront the jock (c'mon Ty that's the oldest one in the book). Jay made a crack about Ty using a spray bottle to fake sweat for the cameras, and IT WAS ON!

Check out the audio.