Pitt to Paps -- Back Off When Kids Are Around

8/24/2007 2:12 PM PDT

Pitt to Paps -- Back Off When Kids Are Around

Brad Pitt understands how the paparazzi game works -- and now he's trying to orchestrate an understanding when it comes to snapping him with his expanding brood.

A cool and respectful Pitt approached paps in New York yesterday as he entered an office building for a script reading, saying, "Man, you guys work hard!" He added that he'd be around the city with his children, and asked a favor of the photogs, saying, "Anything you guys can do long-lens would be much appreciated. You're workin' hard, you guys." Get this guy an embassy appointment!

Brad makes it look easy to be an international superstar with manners.

Brad Garrett
, Gary Dourdan, Woody Harrelson-- take note.