"Bootcamp Brawler" Battles Pap

9/1/2007 6:22 PM PDT

"Bootcamp Brawler" Battles Pap

Two snap-unhappy, camo-clad clubgoers were leaving Les Deux last night -- when one of 'em got scrap-happy with a photog's camera. It's hard out there for a pap!

The attacker was fuming because her picture had been taken, and fought wildly -- despite her friend's valiant attempts to pry her hands off the peaceful pap's electronics. The girl's persistent appendages caught the photog in some of those "hard to reach" areas -- warranting a visit by the local five-O.

The friend was handcuffed first and left to steam in the backseat of the cruiser, until the attacker was finally 'cuffed, wailing, "because they took some pictures of me!"

The commotion causing cadets were eventually let go.