Patti LaBelle Goes OFF on a Fan!

9/21/2007 6:00 PM PDT

Patti LaBelle Goes OFF on a Fan!

Don't mess around with Patti LaBelle! Patti proved that you shouldn't -- by verbally stomping all over a fan who was invited on stage during her performance!

The young man was very close to LaBelle, when she jokingly told the Kansas City audience, "He was dancing too close to me!" The fan then said, "I think you wanted it more than I did!" The audience roars with laughter, but the look on Ms. LaBelle's face shows she's not amused!

Miss LaBelle went LaBallisitic! She tells the frightened man, "I don't play that, okay? Do you know who I am?" and reminds the fan he's not at a Lil' Kim concert! Oooh, yes she did! She then snatches the microphone and kicks him off the stage!

The audience began to tell the miffed LaBelle that he didn't mean it, and Miss L quipped, "He didn't mean it? Just like Britney Spears didn't mean it the other night!" Patti proved that she can insult as she pleases, but no one better step to her! Daaaamn, diva!