Keri Russell Shows Britney How to Be a Mom

10/2/2007 1:15 PM PDT

Keri Russell Shows Britney How to Be a Mom

If the judge in the Unfitney Spears* custody case wants to show the poptastrophe how a real mother takes care of her kids, he might want to start with Keri Russell and her day out in Manhattan yesterday.

Note the protective baby sling and the hand on the baby's head to cradle his soft cranium. Also, a spot of shopping at Yoya, an urban babe-boutique on a quiet West Village street -- not pap-infested Robertson Boulevard. And check the sensible MILF jeans, a far cry from Britney's bum-baring bimbowear.

Later, she sweetly but firmly fended off a persistent paparazzo, rather than begging for his attention, and then made sure that lil' River was safely strapped in to the back of a real family car -- a Volkswagen Touareg -- rather than letting them twist in the wind in a droptop.

Felicity is all growed up!

*Credit to the New York Daily News.