Francis to Prosecutor: "No, YOU'RE the Pornographer"

11/13/2007 4:16 PM PST

Francis to Prosecutor: "No, YOU'RE the Pornographer"

"Girls Gone Wild" boss Joe Francis says Florida's top prosecutor is a distributor of smut. Hello, pot!

Francis, who is chillin' in the pokey without bail, now wants the state's attorney general to act on his claim that prosecutor Steve Meadows knowingly exhibited "child pornography" to ABC News reporter Martin Bashir during a segment of "Nightline" that aired last week.

Oh yeah -- the images in question are the very ones for which he's prosecuting Francis.

"One would presume that (Meadows), better than anyone else, would know that the presentation or exhibition of child pornography is a crime," Francis' lawyers maintain in a motion that also requests their client be freed.