Britney Will Get Help Like It or Not

1/9/2008 8:30 PM PST

Britney Will Get Help -- Like It or Not

TMZ has learned family members and professionals in Britney's life are working as a team to get her mental help -- either voluntarily or involuntarily -- for treatment of what appears to be a severe bipolar disorder.

We're told it's going to happen one way or the other, and fast. So far, Britney refuses to commit herself voluntarily, but the team is persisting.

Sources say they are considering "a number of options," some of which are "creative."

The most extreme option -- going to court and getting an order forcing Britney into in-patient treatment. That would be the last ditch effort.

If involuntary commitment is the only option, Brit must be picked up by cops -- again -- on a "5150," meaning she's a danger to herself or others. Then, while she's in the hospital, health care professionals can go to the County Public Guardian, who can then go to court and ask for what's called a "conservatorship." The conservator would then basically assume control of Brit's life.

If the judge grants the conservatorship, Brit could be involuntarily committed to a mental hospital. Again, that's not the only option and various alternatives are being discussed right now.