"Bachelor" on the Lido Deck!

3/29/2008 7:25 AM PDT

"Bachelor" on the Lido Deck!

Move over Gopher, Isaac and Julie the cruise director, because there's a new guy sitting at the Captain's table -- Alex Michel, the first "Bachelor" ('memba him?)!

Sucking the fumes from any remnant of his former fame, Alex, who remains single, will dole out roses all his sage relationship advice on the Love Boat (aka Princess Cruises) -- as part of something called the Department of Romance.

Alex joins an illustrious Romance panel of love experts including pocket-sized sex therapist Dr. Ruth and Captain Stubing himself, Gavin MacLeod. Who's watching Vicki?!

Maybe while he's out on the high seas, Alex can help Lt. Andy Baldwin take federally-funded dives to search for dead WWII soldiers -- in a speedo.