McCain Dodges, MSNBC Anchor Oblivious

4/3/2008 1:00 PM PDT

McCain Dodges, MSNBC Anchor Oblivious

Senator John McCain was asked what appears to be a dreaded question, at least for him, on MSNBC this AM.

Joe Scarborough asked McCain what he thought of the fact that Heidi Montag, lame-ass "Hills" star, endorsed him. McCain ever-so-not cleverly evaded the question, saying Heidi was a "very talented actress." Joe had just launched into one of the hard-hitting attacks he's famous for, accusing him of not being a fan of "The Hills."

Clearly embarrassed -- though it completely escaped Joe -- McCain then volunteered he had also received endorsements from Clint Eastwood, Sly Stallone and Jon Voight. Clearly those are meaningful endorsements, because everyone wants Rambotox's choice as the next leader of the free world.

Joe was oblivious and never picked up on the irony. That's show biz, folks.