Bitter "Idol" Reject Claims She's Not Bitter

4/22/2008 8:15 PM PDT

Bitter "Idol" Reject Claims She's Not Bitter

Bitter: n. 1) One who complains about the length of time spent with a singing coach on a show one was kicked off of more than 5 years ago. 2) Carmen Rasmusen.

Despite the clear definition of the word, the "American Idol" wannabeen went on the attack today, claiming a recent article wrote for her local paper bashing "American Idol" was not penned out of bitterness, just insightfulness. Rrrright.

According to Rasmusen, "The only point I was trying to make was that some contestants get more attention than others."

Apparently, she missed the part where she bitched at length about getting beat out by a guy who spent more time with a vocal coach.

No. She's not bitter at all. She's just a crybaby.