Doc to Jiffy Lube: Sorry, I'm Not Hiring!

6/24/2008 8:30 PM PDT

Doc to Jiffy Lube: Sorry, I'm Not Hiring!

Daniel Serrano -- aka Dr. Jiffy Lube -- will work for food! Last week, Dr. Lube assured a judge he had a job lined up should he be released from jail. TMZ did a little diggin' and ... you guessed it -- Serrano should be in the unemployment line.

Serrano told the judge cosmetic surgeon Dr. Nathan Newman had offered him a gig at his Beverly Hills office. Dr. Newman tells TMZ that's not true -- he's not hiring anyone.

In addition, Dr. Nathan says the supposed "job offer letter" from 2005 Serrano produced in court last week was simply a letter of recommendation for a medical internship.

Without a job, Serrano's chances of staying in the U.S. are slimming down. Argentina, don't cry for him.