"Scrubs" Star To Kid: See Ya Next Weekend!

6/30/2008 3:19 PM PDT

"Scrubs" Star To Kid: See Ya Next Weekend!

Victory for a "Scrubs" star today in court -- John C. McGinley won more time with his kid.

McGinley asked the judge for more visitation -- currently he sees his kid every other weekend. His ex, Lauren Lambert, begged to object, claiming it would be traumatic to shuffle their 10-year-old son Max back and forth too much. Max has Down Syndrome.

Lauren broke down in tears after the judge saw it John's way. John will get Max an extra night every other week.

You'll recall, there was a big thing earlier this year. TMZ broke the story that John wanted to slash child support in half during the writer's strike. He backed off after we ran our story.