FAA Launches Pilot Investigation After TMZ Story

2/4/2009 2:26 AM PST

FAA Launches Pilot Investigation After TMZ Story

The FAA has just informed TMZ they have opened an investigation into the helicopter pilot who had his eyes on a woman's breast rather than the skies.

The investigation was launched after we published the story earlier today about David Martz, who piloted a chopper with porn star Puma Swede on board back in 2007. As we reported, the FAA received an email asking for an investigation with the photos attached, but did nothing because they couldn't determine if the chopper was in the air or on the ground. It's obvious from the pictures (notice the horizon and the air speed dial at 60 knots) the chopper is in the air, and Martz himself confirmed he was 300 - 400 feet above the ground.

Better late than never, FAA. Martz has had his license revoked twice and suspended another two times for reckless flying and other misdeeds.

Just last Sunday, cops say Martz buzzed an LAPD chopper. The LAPD felt Martz may have been drinking and ordered him to land. When they found him at the Van Nuys Airport 10 minutes after landing, he was already drinking vodka. That incident is also being investigated by the FAA.

Martz is still flying.