Rihanna's Dad to Chris -- Who Are You?

2/15/2009 12:40 PM PST

Rihanna's Dad to Chris -- Who Are You?

Rihanna's dad had some choice words about Chris Brown: "You think you know somebody, but you really don't."

Ronald Fenty told People his daughter is healing in Barbados and gives her this gentle caution -- "If it were me, I'd move on."

And famous last words: Fenty said, "They seemed pretty happy."

As we first reported, Brown allegedly struck Rihanna with his fists, bruising her forehead, cheeks, busting her lip, bloodying her nose and biting her fingers and arm. He was arrested for making criminal threats ("I will kill you") but we're told that case is weak. It's more likely he'll be prosecuted for felony domestic violence.