Rob Lowe vs. Nanny -- Who Really Lost?

4/8/2009 5:45 PM PDT

Rob Lowe vs. Nanny -- Who Really Lost?

So the Gloria Allred just fired off an email to us, saying our story about Rob Lowe was wrong -- you know, the case where Lowe is suing his former nanny, Laura Boyce, for allegedly violating the confidentiality agreement and defaming him.

The judge in the case just shot down Boyce's claim that the confidentiality agreement was not enforceable -- at least, that's what we said. Gloria, who reps the nanny, claims the judge merely denied her motion to throw out Lowe's lawsuit, and didn't rule on the confidentiality agreement.

But Lowe's lawyer, Larry Stein, tells us Gloria is full of it -- that her whole argument was that the case should be 86'd because the confidentiality agreement violated Boyce's First Amendment rights and was unenforceable. Stein says the judge squarely rejected Allred's challenge to the confidentiality agreement.

One thing's for sure -- someone's gonna end up cryin'....