'Sex Rehab' Cast Gets a Burning Sensation

4/29/2009 2:40 AM PDT

'Sex Rehab' Cast Gets a Burning Sensation

Dr. Drew Pinsky gave some tough love to all the recovering celebrity addicts on his new show -- by torching all their sexual paraphernalia.

We're told to commemorate the end of an episode of "Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew," the doc took his new band of on-air wannabe rehabbed intercourse junkies on an outing into the woods -- confiscated their assortment of sexual aides, toys and porn -- and threw them into a ceremonial bonfire. Burn, "Horny Baby Mamas 4," Burn!

Sources tell us the good doctor did play it safe and had fire marshals present.

Can't you just smell the scent of burning rubbers?