Smithsonian to OJ: Thanks, But No Thanks

3/2/2010 11:15 AM PST

Smithsonian to OJ: Thanks, But No Thanks

2:16 PM ET: The Smithsonian has officially rejected O.J.'s suit.

It was generous of noted killer OJ Simpson to donate his "acquittal suit" to the Smithsonian Institution, but an official there told TMZ, "It is highly unlikely we will accept it."

A judge yesterday green lit the move to donate the suit Simpson was wearing when the misguided jury found him not guilty of murdering Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson.

An official from the Smithsonian ... who did not want to be ID'd ... told TMZ this AM before accepting anything the item would go to museum curators for review. The curator then sends the item to one of the various museums -- e.g., the National Museum of American History. A review is then conducted.

The official said no one has offered the suit to the Institution yet, but the official does not believe OJ Simpson's acquittal suit will pass muster.

FYI ... We're told there is no "Crime Section." Oh, and one more thing. The Smithsonian passed on Monica Lewinsky's famous blue