Hopper Divorce Here Comes Peter Cottontail ...

3/9/2010 9:25 PM PST

Hopper Divorce -- Here Comes Peter Cottontail ...

Dennis Hopper's divorce is epic nasty ... and now we've learned Dennis' lawyer has pulled out his most potent weapon -- a chocolate bunny rabbit.

We've learned Victoria Hopper's lawyer, Sorrell Trope, fired off a letter to Dennis' hired gun, Joe Mannis, demanding the return of various items, including a toothbrush, dog bowls and coffee mugs.

According to official documents obtained by TMZ, Mannis sent Trope a gift basket filled with sardonic goodies, including a chocolate bunny rabbit, dog bowls and a Spiderman toothbrush.

Lawyers bearing gifts are frowned upon, so today in court, Trope came to court -- gift basket in hand -- and said thanks but no thanks, and left it in the courtroom hallway on top of the trash can.

Take that, Spidey!