Heather Locklear Likely in the Clear

4/22/2010 10:25 AM PDT

Heather Locklear Likely in the Clear

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ it's "unlikely" prosecutors will file hit-and-run charges against Heather Locklear.

TMZ broke the story that Heather was arrested Saturday for allegedly striking a "no parking" sign near her house and then fleeing the scene.  A neighbor heard a crash at around 4:00 AM Saturday but didn't call the cops until 15 hours later.

Our law enforcement sources say cops don't have the ammo to prove Heather was driving the car in question.  Here's what we know:

- Cops went to the guard shack last Saturday at Heather's development and the guard on duty said he saw a BMW with right wheel well damage that was consistent with the accident.

- Cops checked the surveillance video which shows the BMW going into the complex hours after the incident but the driver can't be ID'd.

- One of the investigating deputies picked up a piece of plastic at the scene and it matched a piece missing from Heather's car.

- Sources say as of now there is "nothing approaching proof beyond a reasonable doubt" that Heather drove the car that hit the sign, making it "extremely unlikely" prosecutors will file charges.

And there's this -- the "Ghostbusters" defense.  Even if there were proof that Heather hit a "no parking" sign, who's she gonna call at 4 AM on a Saturday?  It's not like hitting a car where you leave a note for the owner -- who leaves a note on a "no parking" sign?