Mindy McCready To Judge: Shut My Mom Up!

5/26/2010 5:30 PM PDT

Mindy McCready To Judge: Shut My Mom Up!

Mindy McCready is asking a judge to muzzle her mom, who has been yakking to the media that she tried committing suicide yesterday.

McCready was taken to the hospital yesterday after her mom called 911.  Mindy says her mom gave her four Darvocet pills for pain.  But later her mom claimed Mindy had tried committing suicide and had tried taking her life before.

In Mindy's legal docs ... obtained by TMZ ... the singer claims her mom is disseminating "erroneous information to the media ... to sabotage her reunification efforts with her son."

Mindy and her mom are fighting over custody of the boy.

Mindy wants a gag order, stat, so her mom will stop talking. 

And, according to the docs, Mindy wants to strip her mom of custody because she fears for the kid's safety.  Mindy wants her dad to get custody while she gets back on her feet.

UPDATE: TMZ just spoke with Tim McCready, who says it's not up to him if he gets custody of the kid -- but he would be stoked if that happened because he says, "I love my grandson, he's a super kid."

UPDATE 7:30PM PDT:  Mindy's attorney tells TMZ the judge rejected their request for a gag order, and the request to strip custody from her mother.