Mel B. Sued Over Mistaken ID Beatdown

7/12/2010 7:45 AM PDT

Mel B. Sued Over Mistaken ID Beatdown

A guy claims he received a beating at the hands of Mel B, hubby Stephen Belafonte, and someone who worked for them -- and he thinks it's a case of mistaken paparazzo. 

Amado Aguirre claims in a lawsuit  he was just doing his job last December as a real estate appraiser  ... taking pictures of a home he was hired to appraise, when Mel B., Belafonte and a guy named Amin Zahedi thought he was a celeb photog.  Aguirre claims the trio intimidated and physically injured him, breaking his hand and causing neck and back injury.

Aguirre wants $350,000 in general damages, $35,000 in medical expenses, $100,000 for loss of future earnings, and a cool $1 mil in punitives.

He also wants $10 for lost earnings. Guess real estate appraising doesn't pay what it used to.