Sandra Bullock Gets Restraining Order ... Again

7/19/2010 8:05 PM PDT

Sandra Bullock Gets Restraining Order ... Again

Sandra Bullock's attorney went to court this afternoon and got a temporary restraining order against a man she claims is stalking her -- and it isn't the first TRO she's gotten against him.

Bullock's attorney, Ed McPherson, got the TRO against Thomas Weldon -- who was first busted for stalking Bullock across the country back in 2003.

At the time, Weldon's family admitted he suffered from mental illness.   Weldon was institutionalized in 2003.

According to docs, in July, 2010, Weldon told mental health workers he drove from Tennessee to Wyoming, "just to meet with [Bullock] at her home in Jackson Hole," adding his "delusions and fixations concerning [Bullock] had not subsided."

And this is interesting ... Sandra lists Jesse's kids -- Chandler, Jesse Jr. and Sunny -- as people who live with her part time.