Scott Weiland Dazed and Confused on Live Radio

10/8/2010 7:00 AM PDT

Stone Temple Pilots Singer Scott Weiland -- Dazed and Confused on Live Radio

Scott Weiland did a bizarre interview (even by his standards) you gotta hear ... because the Stone Temple Pilots frontman sounded so bewildered the DJ asked, "Are we drinking today?"

Scott was supposed to be promoting tonight's STP show in Tampa during an interview yesterday on 102.5 The Bone.

Instead, it turned into a strange exchange filled with long pauses -- and Scott forgetting he had skipped out on STP's last Tampa concert. All of this prompted the DJ to consider betting Scott $10,000 he would miss tonight's show too.

For the record, Scott said he was totally sober. A source close to Scott claims the DJ ambushed him with a bunch of questions that had not been discussed in a pre-interview.