Murdered Woman's Kids: Answer Us, Hilary Swank!

10/14/2010 1:00 PM PDT

Murdered Woman's Kids: Answer Us, Hilary Swank!

Hilary Swank has disrespected the children of a murdered woman ... so claims Gloria Allred.

Gloria just held a news conference with the children of Katharina Brow -- the woman whose 1980 murder is the subject of Swank's new movie "Conviction." 

The movie focuses on Kenneth Waters -- who was convicted of Brow's murder and served 18 years in prison ... only to be released after his sister fought and ultimately got him released based on DNA evidence.

Gloria and the kids are mad because Hilary -- the star and Executive Producer of the film -- didn't consult them before making the flick.  Gloria says she's sending a letter to the actress, asking for a sit-down with the kids.