Lindsay Lohan: There's No 3-Way Sex Tape!

10/28/2010 10:08 AM PDT

Lindsay Lohan: There's No 3-Way Sex Tape!

Facebook is buzzing with news of a Lindsay Lohan three-way sex tape -- news that we've learned is patently untrue ... at least that's what Lindsay is telling her closest friends.

We're told Lindsay just became aware of a Facebook page teasing, "Lindsey [sic] Lohan Just Leaked Having a THREEWAY on Camera."

A message on the page continues, "Don't ask how i got this ... NO ONE ELSE HAS SEEN THIS VIDEO."

But sources close to Lindsay tell us the actress is adamant that no 3-way sex tape exists. Sorry guys .. and some ladies.

We're also told the link may just be a virus -- so click at your own risk.