MJ Fan Group Rips CNN Over 'Knucklehead' Insult

11/6/2010 7:30 AM PDT

MJ Fan Group Rips CNN Over 'Knucklehead' Insult

The official Michael Jackson fan group that lashed out against the timing of Oprah's molestation special is now going after CNN ... after a guest analyst referred to them as "knuckleheads."

A rep for the Official MJ Fans of Southern California tells us they're pissed that "Showbiz Tonight" guest analyst Lauren Lake labeled them the "Official Knuckleheads of California" ... after they spoke out against O's decision to run her interview with MJ's kids one episode after her special on child molestation.

OMJFSC is "outraged" that "Showbiz" would allow Lake to comment on something "she clearly knows nothing about."

The group argues that Oprah already showed her colors back in 2005 ... when she aired a special on pedophilia during Michael Jackson's molestation trial ... adding Lake simply has her "head in the sand" on the issue.