New Charlie Sheen Copycat -- 'Balloon Boy' Dad!

3/31/2011 5:30 AM PDT

New Charlie Sheen Copycat -- 'Balloon Boy' Dad!

Charlie Sheen is getting ripped by the one guy who still might be crazier than him -- Richard Heene, aka Balloon Boy's dad -- and TMZ has the bizarre music video where Heene morphs into Sheen.

Heene teamed up with comic musician Smokey Miles -- a.k.a. Count Smokula -- to film the parody video for a song about Sheen mania ... featuring multiple references to cocaine, goddesses and yes ... the "W" word.

Also, Richard's eerie transformation into the warlock shows off a special effects budget of about $1.14.
Still, you gotta see it.

Hey ... at least he's not exploiting his kid this time.