TMZ Live -- Bret Lockett Calls BS on Kim K.

6/8/2011 12:30 PM PDT

TMZ Live -- Bret Lockett Calls BS on Kim K.

Bret Lockett tells Harvey and Charles he has the firepower to prove he hooked up with Kim Kardashian ... Plus, are the Dallas Mavericks turning the NBA Finals into germ warfare?

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(0:00) Major topics today: Kim K. allegedly cheats, should people play sports when sick, and Weston Cage's crazy fight video.
(2:10) Bret Lockett -- who is Kim K.'s alleged other man -- pops in via webcam. Kim says she's never met him ... but Bret tells us a whole different story.
(7:30) Bret isn't afraid of legal action ... because he says he's got the texts and pics to prove it.
(8:20) Why Bret spilled the beans to In Touch Weekly.
(10:50) Bret says he had no idea Kim was talking to her future fiance -- Kris Humphries -- at the same time they were hooking up.
(21:00) Dirk Novitzki played sick last night -- Harvey thinks it's ridiculous ... because he put other people in danger. A major argument breaks out.
(29:30) Andrea and Evan tell their "I was sick at TMZ" stories ... and they are polar opposites.
(36:40) Yes, the sick/sports argument JUST ended.
(38:00) Weinergate update -- one of his Internet gals apologizes to Mrs. Weiner ... AND was suspended from her job due to the scandal.
(43:00) Weston Cage gets his ASS KICKED ... and we have video.
(45:00) Hulk Hogan vs. The Ultimate Warrior, as explained by Ryan