'America's Next Great Restaurant' ... CLOSED!!!!

6/30/2011 8:00 AM PDT

'America's Next Great Restaurant' ... CLOSED!!!!

The winner of NBC's "America's Next Great Restaurant" just got a taste of cold, hard reality ...because all three of his "winning" locations have closed ... just 2 months after they opened.

Jamawn Woods won the first season of the reality show on May 1 -- and his "healthy soul food" chain "Soul Daddy" opened in New York, Los Angeles and Minneapolis the following day.  

But the LA and NY locations closed on June 14 -- and yesterday, the final location in the Mall of America shut its doors for good.

The company that owned the restaurant  released a statement saying, "This was a difficult decision for us, as we wanted to see Soul Daddy succeed, but the restaurant simply was not performing as we had hoped."