TMZ Live Jay Cutler -- HERO OR VILLAIN?

7/27/2011 12:20 PM PDT

TMZ Live: Is Jay Cutler a HERO for Dumping Kristin?

Jay Cutler dumps his fiance Kirstin Cavallari days after she tries on wedding dresses -- now he's a HERO? And, Michele Bachmann catches heat for spending big campaign bucks on her looks ... fair or sexist? Plus ... Ribeye is living LARGE now!

(0:00) Nina joins Harvey and Charles ... and there's drama from the get-go.
(2:50) Michele Bachmann is catching heat for spending a bunch of money on her looks ... sexist or a flat-out waste of money?
(7:50) Is this just Sarah Palin drama all over again?
(12:50) The "Pregnant Man" Thomas Beatie is ripped now ... but more importantly ... he kinda looks like Dax?
(14:20) How did he lose the baby weight?
(18:05) Does Thomas plan on having more surgery? 
(19:50) Thomas compares sex after the full surgery to "having an orgasm with your forearm."
(22:50) BREAKING NEWS! Alex Trebek shredded his Achilles tendon chasing after an alleged burglar! Evan has the details.
(24:10) Harvey hurt himself one time ... and catches heat for the story.
(30:00) Jay Cutler dumps his fiance Kristin Cavallari ... right after she did a photo shoot wearing a bunch of WEDDING DRESSES. Burn.
(32:10) He Jay a HERO for cutting her loose before the marriage?
(51:00) Ribeye upgraded to a bigger tank!