7/29/2011 10:00 AM PDT

TMZ Live -- Is Petra Ecclestone Spoiled or Privileged?

Petra Ecclestone is a 22-year-old billionaire heiress with an $85 mil house -- so she's spoiled, right? Think again. And, is Kris Humphries in the dog house for saying Kim K. ISN'T the most beautiful woman on the planet? Plus, what grossed out everyone today?

(0:00) The great John Brix joins Harvey and Jason today!
(2:50) Petra Ecclestone -- who just bought an $85 million mansion -- says she's not spoiled, she's privileged. Really?
(6:30) Harvey rips the guy who interviewed Petra.
(17:00) Let's face it, it's stupid to build a house that big.
(20:10) Kris Humphries says his MOM is most beautiful woman in the world. Diss to Kim or a sweet moment?
(24:30) Nina gives a woman's opinion on the subject.
(27:00) The company that made Kim's wedding invitation also made them for a bunch of other celebs ... who are all divorced now.
(28:45) Mike's desk looks like an episode of hoarders ... and is LITTERED with Max's nasty trash.
(40:30) The Ochocinco jersey saga.
(44:00) Should celebs be responsible if their tweets cause something bad to happen ... like rave riots?