Cheating Website to Arnold Have We Got a T-Shirt For You!

8/14/2011 3:00 AM PDT

Cheating Website to Arnold Schwarzenegger -- Have We Got a T-Shirt For You!

Arnold Schwarzenegger's "I Survived Maria" t-shirt caused quite a stir this week -- but it's also earned the former Governator a chance to help out his former constituents ... if he's willing to sign a deal with a website for cheating spouses. wants Arnold to wear a t-shirt of their own design (see below). For his trouble, and if he's photographed just one time, they'll fork over $100,000 -- but not to Arnold. The company would make the check out to "the State of California to assist with its current deficit."

They've sent Arnold's lawyer a letter with the offer. We don't think they'll hear back.