BET Star's Hubby I Hope I Get My Gun Back!

8/24/2011 5:30 AM PDT

BET Star's Hubby -- I Hope I Get My Gun Back!

The guy married to Toya Carter -- star of BET's "Toya: A Family Affair" -- has finally been released from custody after bringing a gun to an airport on Sunday ... and he hopes to be reunited with his firearm as soon as possible. 

TMZ spoke with Mickey "Memphitz" Wright ... who went in front of a judge in Clayton County, GA this afternoon ... after TSA agents at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport discovered the Desert Eagle pistol in his carry-on bag Monday.

Wright tells us the judge was "very understanding" of his explanation -- that he had placed the gun in a backpack weeks ago and simply forgot about it -- and released him on bail.

Wright says he was "completely shocked" when TSA agents discovered the gun in his bag -- but tells us, "I had my license and [the judge] did me right and let me out."

He adds, "The TSA did their job ... I just hate that it was me because I'm about positivity and motivation."

When asked if he will ask the court to return the gun, Wright tells us, "Yes, i want my gun back" ... but insists the next time he travels, he'll leave the piece at home.